Saturday, August 7, 2010

Video for interlude off of Palisades cdr made by a friend of antonios

Gold, Milk and Honey
Palisades cdr

Consumer Confucius sound poetry, music for the modern mallscape.
6$ ppd
Gary Lane and The Teenage Tantrum
Rarities Compilation: 1998- 2003 c20

Rare live and b side recordings from the local psyc punk heros
5$ ppd
Razor Shines- Self Titled c20

Freak Folk dirges by a cult nobody.
5$ ppd

Summer Batch 8/7/10

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HPGEM BTH Summer Tape Fair
Featuring new releases from:
"Razor Shines"
"Gary Lane and The Teenage Tantrum"
"Gold, Milk and Honey"
"Car Commercials"
and more...

Evergreen Dazed- Felt
Witchcraft- Patience and Prudence
The Lantern- Mac Rybell
Close to the Sun- Seaside Stars
Sara Page- Bill Fox
Cut Dead- Jesus and Mary Chain
Room For Space- John Davis & Dennis Callaci
Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade (caseverb)- John Fahey
Hey, Who Really Cares?- Linda Perhacs
Death Of A Ladies Man- Leonard Cohen
Early Light- Aki Takase & Alexander von Schlippenbach
Sunshine People (dustverb)- Prince Douglas


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hikikomori- Untitled cdr
Hikikomori is an electro-acoustic duo from an apartment behind a pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey based on the tenets of anxiety, alienation, & the comforts of domestic bliss. Their music is hermetic and meditative, comprised of diaphanous chimes and cymbals that excite and dissolve into a distant horizon point. Halfzware shag tobacco cigarettes, organic brown rice, and the sound of “Seasons of Glass” slowly passing out from a window into the street below.

Natural History

Monday, February 1, 2010