Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here's some links i've been trotting through along in the journey to peel back the veil a bit.. Everything readily available on the good ol web. More to come soon. Enjoy!

Very Nice starting point:
Comsmic trigger PDF (first link)

Recommend Prometheus Rising and Acceleration of Knowledge talks here.. some great radio interviews out there too.

This one I keep going back to and really comes more into understanding each listen or read when you fill in gaps with some of the other information out there. If only The Library of Alexandria hadn't been visited by Caesar!!
The Kybalion- Three Initiatives (William Walker Atkinson)

Occult of Personality podcast. Very nice brief introductions into various Esoteric, initiatory, "occult" practices. Here is a few I enjoyed/ found resourceful, haven't heard too many I didn't though.
Paul Weston 1 **
Paul Weston 2**
David Chaim Smith
Timothy Hogan
Freemasonry/ Western Esoteric Tradition

Short Rosicrucian Links:
Rosicrucian Podcast
The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order PDF (2nd Link) -Paul Case 

Some Audio Books (God Bless Librivox, forgive some of the volunteers):
The New Atlantis- Francis BaconAtlantis: 
The Antediluvian World- Ignatius Loyola Donnelly 
Madame Helena Blavatsky- Isis Unveiled 1
(lots more Blavatsky out there and on Archive)

The Guy in the field for consideration:
John Keel- Mothman Lectures (audio)

Youtube is an information portal. Start from a point and link yourself into a new reality tunnel.
Gregory Sams Interview "Our Sentient Sun"
Gregory Sams (short concept of conscious sun etc.)
Graham Hancock- Quest for Lost Civilization
Graham Hancock- Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca
David Wilcock- If you can watch Part 1 stay with it and keep moving through to part 4 he gets some interesting stuff going.
Alan Watts- Become What You Are 

Can't leave out the quack stuff! Its nice to take some time to listen to the average contactee, mystic, pee-nut, cryptoboologger, local witchmen, etc.

Edgar Cayce of course as well. Some short info out there concerning Akashic records, Atlantis, Reincarnation from Cayce's trance readings. Books for dirt cheap as well..